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Actualizari ale Documentului de Referinta al Retelei Cfr 2022


Anexa 28.b – Procedură închiriere patrimoniu privat – Actualizare – 26.05.2021 versiunea 11.2
Anexa 9.a1 – Infrastructuri de servicii alți operatori – Anexa nouă – 26.05.2021 versiunea 11.0
Anexa 9.a – Infrastructuri de servicii – Corecturi – 26.05.2021 versiunea 11.1
Anexa 9.a – Infrastructurile de servicii – Actualizare – 14.05.2021 – versiunea 11.0.1
Anexa 23.f – Procedura de calcul tarife curent tracțiune – Actualizare – 29.12.2020 – versiunea 11.0.0
Anexa 19 – Contract de furnizare energie electrică – Actualizare – 29.12.2020 – versiunea v. 11.0.0
Text DRR – Actualizare – 13.12.2020 versiunea v. 11.0.0


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CFR Network Statement 2022 Updates


NS Text – Update chapter 6.1.2 lit.b, 6.1.3, 6.1.4, 6.1.5 - 28.12.2020 version v. 11.0

Documentul de referință al Rețelei CFR 2022 

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Anexa 1

Anexa 1.a - Harta generala retea CFR  
Anexa 1.c - Harta sisteme circulatie  
Anexa 5.b - Conventie AII 
Anexa 5.c - Conventie SSM  
Anexa 11 - Statii frontiera
Anexa 14 - Activitate  suspendata  
Anexa 23.d - Modele deviz  
Anexa 23.e - Tarife telecomunicatii  
Anexa 25 - Legislatie














CFR Network Statement 2022

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Annex 1

Annex 1.a -Overview map of the CFR Network

Annex 1.b -Map of interoperable and non-interoperable lines

Annex 1.c -Map of traffic sistems and station equipment

Annex 2 -RNE Organisation and Objectives

Annex 3 -One stop shop and RNE tools

Annex 4.a -Railway Infrastructure access contract

Annex 4.b -Performance mode

Annex 4.c -Convention for the access on the railway infrastructure

Annex 4.d -Unitary Management Of The Forces In Case Of Railway Accidents

Annex 4.e -Convention on the application of reduced IAC for UTI trains

Annex 5.a -Required documents for concluding the acces contract

Annex 5.b -Convention on fire fighting

Annex 5.c -Convention on occupational safety and health

Annex 5.d -Project convention on environmental protection

Annex 6 - List of the Railway Undertakings

Annex 7.a - List of Main Operation Instruction and Regulation

Annex 7.b - The CFR SA Activity Contract

Annex 8.a - Non-Interoperable Infrastructure

Annex 8.b -Service Infrastructures Operators Tariffs (Railways infrastructure managers)

Annex 9.a -Service facilities in railway station

Annex 9.b -Model of service infrastructure in railway station

Annex 9.c -Service operators recommended model for describing service infrastructures

Annex 9.d -Port infrastructures

Annex 9.e -Telecommunication infrastructures

Annex 10 -CFR line gradients

Annex 11 -CFR border station

Annex 12 -Main characteristics of the CFR Network

Annex 13 -Technical specification of the radio station

Annex 14 -Section with movement activity suspended

Annex 15 -Regulation on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity

Annex 16.a - Principles Regulating the coordination procedure

Annex 16.b - Process of conflict resolution

Annex 17 - Infrastructure section with congested capacity

Annex 18 - Priority criteria to the railway infrastructure capacity allocation on the congested capacity section

Annex 19 - Contract on supplying electric power

Annex 20.a - Methodology for Charging the Use of Railway Infrastructure

Annex 20.b - List of section for IAC calculation

Annex 20.c - Complete List of the Names of the ChargesRelated to the Railway Transport Activity

Annex 21 - Charges for services provided by CFR

Annex 21.a - Operational Procedure - TSA Receipt Circuit

Annex 22 - Capacities for long stays

Annex 22.a - OP - Application of the long-term stabling rate for the rolling stock based on forwarding documents

Annex 23.a - OP Applying Charges for Stabling on the Romanian Railways

Annex 23.b1 - OP Access charges for manoeuvre convoys to and from the railway infrastructure  

Annex 23.b2 - OP Applying shunting charges for railway vehicles

Annex 23.c - OP charges for Related Activities

Annex 23.d - Models of calculation

Annex 23.f - Methodology of calculating the rate for the service electric power for traction   

Annex 24.a - Strategy for railway infrastructure development

Annex 24.b - CFR development project

Annex 25 List of Normative Acts Regulating the Acces to the Railway Infrastructure

Annex 26 - Traffic restriction

Annex 27 - Framework lease contract of the traffic section

Annex 28.a - Framework lease contract on the spaces for the adequate arrangement

Annex 28.b - Operational procedure applying for renting real estate

Annex 28.c - Operational procedure for renting real estate for public patrimony

Annex 29.a - OP - Analysis of the implementation of the traffic program

Annex 29.b - Operational Procedure train traffic scheduling